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Our Data Center is extensive.

The Erith Data Center in South-East London, has a total capacity of 40,000 servers.

It's close to two power stations, that supply it with all of the energy required for it to run. It's located closely to the Point of Presence in Central London and it's connected to a global network of datacenters via its own fibre optic network.

Powered by Intel

Our data center partner has an innovative partnership with Intel which means that all of our servers offer the highest performance utilising cutting-edge technologies. New generations of Intel Xeon processors as well as SSD and NVMe disks are amount the resources available to us. We also utilise the latest FPGA technology in our anti-DDoD system to ensure maximum efficiency.


We're committed to providing you with the best infrastructure, that's why our Erith data center utilises the very best technology and design. From redundant electrical architecture, new diesel backup generators, a double network connection to London and state of the art water-cooling systems.

Erith Data Center

Inside of the Erith data center.