About GeekNetics

Passionate About Business & Websites

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We are GeekNetics.

We enable everyone, whatever their skill level, to unlock their full potential.

GeekNetics... We know, it's a strange name, we're the first to admit it. When we founded the company, we wanted to build a hosting experience that strives to be different, to be the best at what we do. We're geeks at heart, it's in our genetics.

So whether you're new to the web and are looking to create your first masterpiece using our powerful website builder, or an entrepreneurial developer, we have the scalability, dedication and breadth of experience to help your dream become a reality.

Passionate About the Environment

We're passionate about web sites, but more importantly, we're passionate about ensuring they don't damage our environment.

The Internet is a massive generator of carbon emissions, and we are committed to doing our bit to help protect the environment for future generations. Our entire operation is powered by renewable energy, use energy efficient design principles and through the implementation of green policies and procedures.

Being green, is part of who and what we are.

Committed to Charity & Students

Charities do fantastic work, but often with little to no budget. That's why we're on a mission to do as much as we can to help charities get online, with 100% free web hosting, for life.

Students are the future of our fantastic planet, often they need access to their own website during their time within an academic setting, for research or for a project. We're committed to helping out, we understand you're on a tight budget!

Both our charity and student hosting, comes complete with our free site builder, and fully compatible with existing technologies such as WordPress.